Warm Bodies sequel update--but real this time!

For publisher pitching purposes, I was asked to write a detailed synopsis of everything that's going to happen in Book 3, which is kind of like writing the whole book in Cliff's Notes. Everything's there, it's just simpler and shorter. For example, instead of several chapters describing Frodo's journey from Shelob's cave through the Orc fort and into the Cracks of Doom, you'd get, "Frodo simply walks into Mordor."

The end result is a compact little model of the story that you can hold in one hand and examine, and many thoughts occurred to me as I examined it. One was holy shit, this is a weird book. Not only for its contents, which are pretty weird (zombies, semi-zombies, maybe-zombies, ghosts, goats, boats, gaps in reality, and trippy philosophical pseudo-magic) but for how it functions as a sequel. Warm Bodies was essentially about one person's struggle with himself; the sequel is about several people's struggles with themselves, each other, and the wider world and all its broken systems (cultural, political, cosmic). So I always knew it was going to be a bigger book, but now that I stand back and look at it...wow, this is a lot bigger. Not just in length (I'm 200 pages in and predicting around 500 or 600 by the end, compared to Warm Bodies' 230) but in scope. As a sequel to Warm Bodies, it's so disproportionately ambitious, I might be trying to build a space shuttle on the frame of a hang glider. It probably would have been more sensible to start from scratch and tackle these ideas in a whole new story, but...this is where R took me, so fuck it, I'm going in. I hope when the time comes (I'm guessing mid to late 2015) you'll be crazy enough to go in with me.


P.S Just to be super clear, my last post was very definitely an April Fools prank based on all the goofy theories I've heard about what's going to happen in this book. The sequel will not, in fact, be a grotesque mashup of every known YA cliche. Thanks.


Warm Bodies SEQUEL UPDATE! (April Fools prank)

April Fools prank!As some of you know, Warm Bodies is not a stand-alone novel. I've already written and released a prequel novella and I'm currently working on the conclusion to this asymmetrical, chronologically wrinkled trilogy--a full-blown sequel of foolishly epic proportions.

I've been working on this book for over a year and a half now, but I've still revealed almost nothing about it, not even a title. I've been keeping the story under close guard, waiting for the molten parts to cool before I let anyone touch them, but I'm happy to announce today is the day I'm ready to show it off.

Are you ready? Here it is:

April Fools prank!HEATED HEARTS, the third and final entry in the Chronicles of Warm Bodies Saga.April Fools prank!

April Fools prank!Love can bloom in the most unlikely of places--like the rotting heart of corpse! It's the day before R and Julie's wedding, and all of Citi Stadium is preparing to celebrate their union. But can Julie really go through with it? After all, her dad just died a week ago, her fiancé still craves human flesh, primal forces are bent on dragging humanity back to the self-serving savagery of nature--and on top of all that, she's behind on her homework!April Fools prank!

April Fools prank!But when she learns a startling truth, all these urgent global conflicts suddenly become irrelevant--because Julie is pregnant. But when the mysterious Quinn shows up at Undead Academy, she begins to feel the stirrings of feelings that have nothing to do with the child growing in her belly and everything to do with the fact that she may have a destiny she never imagined as the prophesied Girl Who is More Special Than Everyone Else and also Quinn is cute. Will Julie be able to choose between steady, reliable, but dangerous R and mysterious, passionate, but dangerous Quinn? And what about funny, quirky, but dangerous Marty, her childhood friend who has always been there for her? Or weird, dandruff-sprinkled Bertrand, a guy she met at a party last night? How will Julie navigate this tangled web of romance while also fulfilling her destiny and still find time to raise a cute, passionate, but dangerous zombie baby and update her sarcastic gossip blog?April Fools prank for the love of God!

HEATED HEARTS is an enjoyable, pleasant, and thoroughly readable yarn of bloodless adventure and sexless romance that will capture the hearts of teens and movie studios alike.